Friday, June 29, 2007

A cariboo is a reindeer is an elk?

Here is a picture of Liam playing with his Cariboo from the Calgary Zoo! He absolutely loves the antlers!!! I love the look he is giving a stare down! "You talkin' to me?"

Again with the cat!

I think Ian must get a kick out of Zephyr sleeping on me like I am her own personal pillow. I have vague memories of this picture being taken, but didn't really know about it until I looked at the pictures on the camera today....and there it was. Zephyr says, "Hands off, Ian!"

A little Daddy time

Here is Ian home from work reading his mail with Liam on his lap!

And here are my two favorite guys. I caught Liam seconds after he had an uppie in this picture! Love the look on his face! The pose was set up by Ian. I thought it was so cute, I had to take the picture.

Figured out this whole Bumbo thing...

Liam has finally figured out how to sit comfortably in his Bumbo seat. Look at those chubby arms!! And to think I was worried that he was going to be a scrawny baby! I wonder if this will be Liam's trademark look (his blue steele) and once he is in school, we will have this look over and over again every year with his school pictures! Let's hope there is no drool then, though!!

Liam sitting at 18 weeks, unassisted!!

Liam's new face!

This is the new face that Liam likes to pull! He tucks his upper and lower lips into his mouth and then pops them back out! Accompanied by lots of sound effects!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Going to figure this whole crawling thing out soon!

Look at Liam tucking up his knees!

He will be crawling before we know it!!

I love my blog!

Here is Liam by the computer admiring his blog!! He loves to be famous!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My little irish cousins!

These are my cousin Leslies beautiful children: Ben, Adam, Matthew and the new baby Joel. They are so adorable! Ian and I got to meet them last summer when we visited Ireland. Leslie and I were both pregnant at the time!! (Although I was only 9 weeks at the time and she was already 7 months along!). Ian says he sees a family resemblance between Liam and the you?!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cute outfits 12

Here is Liam in some more cute outfits. I love this lion tshirt! And the stripey top outfit is from my mom's friend Fiona and her daughters.

This cute onesie was hand knitted by Grandma Christie!!

And this cute top was from Grandma Teschke! Too bad he is basically outgrown both already!

So much BLOOD!

Yes, folks. That is Liam's blood all over his diaper change table and soaking through his little socks!! You can imagine the fright I got when I looked down at his feet to see blood everywhere! So as it turns out, by my deductive logic, Liam got rug burn on the outsides of both his little baby pinky toes. How? The Jolly Jumper!! We had it set up at my parent's house, but both door ways had hardwood meeting carpet. I took his socks off so that he would have more traction on the wood, but didn't even consider that he could get rug burn!! The reason he was bleeding all over the place in the picture above was because he had just taken a bath and the scabs had fallen off. Poor little guy!! Don't worry. We expect a full recovery!

Momma and Liam pictures!

I love my little boy!! Here we are at Beacon Hill park. This picture was taken by our friend Jen. Liam is wearing Jen's son Zach's hat!! Too cute!

Here we are at Isaac and Paula's house warming party!

This is us in Calgary at Janine and Lindsay's townhouse. We had a very fun visit! Liam even took a nice little nap on Lindsay's bed while Ian and I did some more visiting! Thanks for having us over, Ladies!

Liam and his elephant!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our boys and their boys.

Finally, Nathan and Liam meet!! How cool is it that Ian and Josh, best friends from forever ago, would have sons just weeks apart?! Little mini-mes for the both of them! The boys were fast friends. Here is Liam grabbing on to Nathan's overalls. Promptly after this, Nathan was video taped "fish-hooking" Liam!! Too cute!

What can be cuter than two proud Papas and their boys at the Zoo? We sure do love these guys!! Pamela and I are some lucky ladies. Look at these strapping husbands of ours and our ridiculously good looking baby boys!!!
Here Liam and Nathan are at their very first meeting. How cute are they!! I love how Nathan's got his hand all up in Liam's face! He's all over the place! I can hardly wait for Liam to reach all those milestones, too! Seeing Nathan has made me very excited for what is to come! Such personality!!! We miss everyone already!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa Christie

Here is Liam with his grandparents in Nose Hill Park in Calgary.

Grandma Christie loves to wheel Liam around in his little umbroller!

Here is my favorite picture of Liam with Grandpa Christie. Can you see the family resemblance?

First time on a plane!

Here is Liam on his very first plane ride! What a good boy! He slept the whole way there and back.

Here he is at the Victoria International Airport. The AirCanada Jazz plane in the background is the plane we took to Calgary.

Here are Daddy and Liam again at the airport!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So many pictures to post....

Wow, I have lots of stuff to post from our trip to Calgary, but I guess I will start with this picture of Liam. I love this picture!!! He fell asleep in his umbroller while out on a walk in Nose Hill Park with Grandma and Grandpa Christie. More pictures to follow, but I should get to bed before it becomes tomorrow!!

At Grandma and Grandpa's house

Liam and I are still in Calgary for the time being and enjoying every minute with Grandma and Grandpa Christie. Here is Liam and I walking in the kitchen. He is such a show-off for Grandma!!
Here is Grandpa reading to Liam. Grandma and Grandpa babysat Liam while Ian and I went to a wedding. He was such a good little guy!! And was fast asleep when I got home! How cute!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liam is already learning how to type!

Liam's first time in a park swing!

Homie style

Here is Liam rocking his new hat homie style. Too CUTE!!

All Zephyr. All the time.

Or at least that is what I could have called this blog before little Liam came along. If Zephyr had her way, it still would be!! This is what I wear to bed at night. Like a coon skin cap. Keeps my head warm!

Apparently this morning, Zephyr thought she would assist me in blocking out either Ian or the morning light. Not sure which! Awwe. She loves me (even thought I neglect her in favour of Liam on a daily basis!) Is it just me, or is her tail slightly reminiscent of a tentacle? Eww. Creepy! Thank goodness she doesn't have suction cups!! (For those who don't know, I have an octopus phobia because of the tentacles with suction cups)

Not quite Canada Day yet!

I know it is not July 1st yet, but it is quickly approaching! Here is Liam in his new outfit; a gift from cousins Roslyn and Alison and their families. Thank you so much!

Boy does Liam look patriotic or what?! So cute!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day at the pool

Liam and I went to the Juan de Fuca rec center with Karl, Melissa and Kalina for a swim in the awesome kiddie pool they have there. It was Kalina's first time in the pool!! She did so well and even drank some of the water! Liam was impressed! Here are Karl, Kalina, Liam and I at the pool. You can see in the background the big fountain they have and the little waterslide. They also have a bigger waterslide and two eddy whirlpools that make you float round and round!

Here are Liam and I. I love this picture!! Liam is so sweet with his little hands clasped together! My chubby little man! Thanks Melissa for sharing these with us!!

My pregnant belly as it grew. Sigh. I miss it!