Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Victoria Day Parade

We took Liam down to the Victoria Day parade on the long weekend. It was fun and Liam really enjoyed himself. I was surprised by how long he lasted!! Here he is with me sitting on the curb watching the parade go past.

Liam watching the parade, held by Grandma.

Crazy old bikes and guys doing tricks too!

Liam says. "I like parades!!"

And a tiny bus just perfect for Liam...Christmas present ideas?!! Just kidding!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Liam walks on film May 2

At the beach

May long weekend at the beach

Ian and I took Liam to Esquimalt Lagoon for some beach fun this May long weekend. It was beautiful weather; warm, no wind and gorgeous sun. Liam had the best time ever!! He loved digging in the sand, playing in the water and of course, eating sand as well!! We can't wait to go back again!

My cute little beach babe!! He needs to realize that a beach shovel is not a spoon, nor a cup.

Daddy taking Liam for a dip in the ocean. There was a sea kayaker in the background. Very West Coast!!

Ummm. Evidence of sand consumption!! Looks like Daddy's stubble!!

Here I am taking Liam into the water. I am 21 weeks pregnant with the twins and letting it all hang out!!

As of May 2, 2008- Liam offically walks!!

Them's be walkin shoes!! These are Liam's new See Kai Run shoes from Grandma and Grandpa. They make walking a lot easier for Liam when he's out and about!! Note the scuffs already!! Thank you!! We love them!!

Liam taking a stroll in downtown Victoria with Daddy and Grandpa. No need to hold hands anymore though....Liam can finally walk!!

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Here is Liam helping Grandpa and Daddy fix the fuel pump on the Jeep. He was very helpful!!

Here Liam is walking in his Nikes with Grandma down our street. The cat is Kaia from across the street...a very friendly cat!

Liam's frist co-ed bath

Here is Liam enjoying a bath over at Kalina's place!! They were SO CUTE!! Good thing Liam didn't give Kalina the usual "bubble" show he likes to put on at home. Not so sure she would be impressed!!

Liam's Little Chair

Liam loves to sit in his little chair!! It is the sweetest thing. Aunt Sandy gave us her old booster high chairs for Grace and Aiden for when the twins come. Right now one is at Grandma and Grandpa's and the other is right by Liam's toys for him to play with.

Happy Easter!!

Wow! I am really far behind on Liam's blog!! Sorry everyone! Here are some pictures from Easter at our home this year. Liam was very excited to be visited by the Easter Bunny. He brought him Cadbury's Creme Eggs!! YUMMY!!

And MESSY!! Liam liked the chocolate, but wasn't too fond of the sweet inside goop. Maybe next year. We didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year, which was probably for the best as Liam might find them before us, but this was only because we literally could not find the bag of foil eggs. It fully disappeared and Ian and I actually were hunting just to find the eggs to hide!! I was convinced that Ian had hid them intenetionally, but in the end we found them under the cusions of the couch. No idea how they got there...but apparently it wasn't Ian!! Must have been the Easter Bunny!!