Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liam Grabbing Momma's Hair

In the exersaucer!

Yeah, Liam!! You got an exersaucer!! Grandpa Teschke brought Liam this exersaucer over from Chilliwack yesterday. It was a hand-me-down from Ian's cousin Suzanne! Thank you!!!

Liam love to play, but as you can see, his feet to reach the bottom yet!!! The way he is growing, they will be next week!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This one is for you Kelsie!

Liam likes to support the 24 hour relay for the kids!! Way to go, Kelsie! Run hard!!

Activity time in the bumbo

Here is Liam sitting in his bumbo with the tray on. He has his zebra toy and some red ribbon to play with! What a good little boy!

At 16 lbs, Liam is still fitting into the bumbo!! He is growing so fast!!

Hello Friend!

Here are Liam and Kalina hanging out with their mommies. They are so cute together! Kalina is so tiny in comparison and with HUGE blue eyes. Liam is in love, I am sure!

Whatcha lookin' at, Liam?

Here is a contraption that Ian and I made to keep Liam occupied during diaper changes. It is essentially a glorified magazine rack that I slip Liam's colourful books into so that they are held in place for him to look at.

You can see how interested he is in the firetrucks on this page. We decorated the wooden doweling with wooden zoo creatures that match the mirrors I made for his room. And look how cute he is in his diaper!!

A Family Picture!

Here we are! The happy Family!! This picture was taken on the weekend at Tom Buckley's retirement party. My co-worker Kevin has finally used his last roll of film and has joined the 21st century with a new digial camera. Takes great pictues, Kevin! Thanks for sharing this one with us!!

Liam blowing raspberries!

Momma rolling Liam

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bumbo Sitta

Here is a cute picture of Liam and Chuck sitting in the Bumbo chair! He is really getting good at it now!

Who does he look like?

Well, it has been really difficult to tell who Liam really looks like. Some say Ian, others say Me. So we came up with a tricky way to help us decide...put Liam in our glasses!! Here he is wearing his Daddy's glasses....
And here he is in mine! So...who does he look like?! By the way, if you can't tell, Liam was not entirely pleased with this method!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Liam's first hickie

It wasn't me, that's for sure! Liam gave himself his very first hickie...right on his forearm!!! Looks like his sucking needs have increased! Watch out Boobies!!!

Here is a nice close up of his hickie. Way to go, Liam!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby Shower!!

Paula and Tiffany threw Liam and me a baby shower today! It was very fun and we all had an awesome time, especially Liam who fell asleep in Jenn's arms (see here now in the swing below)! This is the diaper cake that Paula created for us! Liam LOVES his zebra (may replace his love for pandas!!) and the diapers, which we thought might be too small, fit great!!

Here I am opening presents...Thank you all for spoiling us!! Gee, I look really goofy!! Must have been all the yummy mini pizzas and BBQ ribs I ate! We also each got to decorate a onesie for Liam, but I will show those off in a later post when he can model them for us!! Thanks again, Ladies!!

Momma and Baby

Here we are!!

Freaking Cute

Is it just me or is Liam freaking cute?! Here he is with his trademark serious face and blanket eating habit!

Sitting in the computer chair

Here is Liam sitting up in the computer chair. He was ticked off that he couldn't reach the keyboard! See here that he is wearing the cutest outfit given to him by Auntie Karen. He was going to wear it for his Baby Shower, but there was a spitup incident in the Jolly Jumper and a new outfit was required!! Hmmm...he kinda looks like a computer geek in this picture! TOO CUTE!!

Liam's friend Kalina

Here is Liam's little friend Kalina. She is 3 weeks younger than him and all cuteness! Her mom and dad, Karl and Melissa, came for dinner the other night and tried out Liam's Bumbo. Kalina was so good in it! Look at her sitting so pretty! She also tried out the Jolly Jumper and had an excellent time! What a sweety!

The lonesome bootie

Where did Liam's other shoe go?

Cute Outfits 11

This is Liam in his goat shirt with jeans and his soft soled bootie-shoes. Big boy clothes!!

Here is Liam in a top from Grandma Teschke! It says Beep Beep!

Liam's first attempt at sitting on his own!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Liam has now gone for his first swim in a pool!! We went to Commonwealth pool, slipped on our Little Swimmers diapers and took a dip in both the wave pool and toddler pool! So much fun!!
Here is Liam playing with a rubber duckie!

And here swimming on his back!

Grandma Christie"s May visit

Here is Liam with Grandma how he's grown!! Last time Granny held Liam he was only a week old!! Things have changed! Ian and I actually got to go out for dinner while Granny babysat! Wonderful!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The three of us!

Here we are...the whole family!! I had just finished feeding Liam in the car after we went to Adrienne's Tea Garden for Mother's Day breakfast: Cinnimon French Toast!! Unfortunately, Liam started crying as soon as our food arrived (typical) so Mommy ate while Daddy held baby and vice versa!! Next year we will make reservations!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Reading books!!

Here is Liam reading his Dozers and Diggers book. Grandma T gave him a whole series of Tonka books for Easter. He loves them already!!

Cute outfits 10

Here is Liam blending in his new camo top. Sir, yes, Sir!!

And this top says it all!!


Lounging on Daddys belly!

Colouring contest!

Here is Liam colouring his entry for Simon's colouring contest.

What a work of art!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A polar bear in a car seat

Here is Liam in his cute bear suit getting a ride to Isaac and Paula's. Wont be long now until the suit no longer fits!! Liam weighs 13 lbs, 11.5 oz at last weighing (11 weeks).

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cute outfits 9

This is my new favorite outfit. Liam has now out grown all his 0-3 month clothes and I am starting him out in all his new 3-6 month stuff. I picked this stuff up from Old Navy. I love their baby clothes!!
The pants have the co-ordinating colour of green in the stripes to match the top! What a little cutie!! Look at that could you not want to kiss that face!

There was something just so cheeky about this little saying on his shirt! I can't wait until Liam is saying it to me, not just wearing it!!

Jumping all on his own!! that we have neck control more or less, Liam gets to jump in his Jolly Jumper unassisted!!! It is so cute watching him trying to figure it all out. Most of the time he kind of wobbles and spins! Please note that he is discretely giving us the finger in this picture!

Here is a close up of his Jolly Jumping expression. Very concentrated!!

Lo and behold the dancing feet!! Look at those toes...I could just eat him up!! Liam likes to favor his left foot and leans towards his right side more often!! Little tippy baby! Maybe that is why he spins so much!

Liam is famous!

Here is a picture of Liam as Baby of the Week on my friend Ladena's website His hobbies are shown as Training Pandas. Too cute!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Grab and suck

Ah, yes...the old grab and suck!! Liam wants to taste everything, especially if it is cloth or plastic. Here he is grabbing on to his link-a-dos and putting them in his mouth!

Liam has also developed a taste for pulling hair. No photos as of yet, but I am sure Tiffany could provide a testimonial!!

Tummy time success!!

Liam has finally got the hang of tummy time!! He holds his head up like a pro now! Here he is on our bed. He is starting to get a bit tired, so his head is starting to droop, but usually he holds it right up! Yesterday, with the witness of both Paula and Tiffany as well as Mommy, Liam rolled over!!! He went from tummy to back on his right side. It was soooo cute. We all clapped and cheered! Yeah for Liam!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pillow face

Wow!! That is some beautiful pillow face!! Talk about sleeping hard!!

Cute outfits 9

This is Liam's second pair of jeans. Grammy Christie sent them out last week with this adorable shirt!!
Too cute!! It says "Just Like Daddy", whick is so very true!!