Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween baby party!!

Liam and Cyan
A baby minefield!!
12 little cuties!! Mateo the pig, Jesse the monster, Noah the bunny, Erika the mermaid, Rylan the dalmation, Cadence the pumpkin, Eli the Pea in the Pod, Andre the monster, Avry the chicken, Liam the tiger, Cyan the lion and Olivia, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.
Liam as a tiger!
Babes in costume! Ashlyn in pumpkin booties, Jesse, Noah, Mateo, Eli, Erika, Liam, Cyan and Olivia standing up.

babies at the pumpkin patch

Liam with Jesse, Olivia and Zack.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The joys of eating.

Eating strawberries from the mesh feeder.
Strawberry face!
Rice puffs up the nose!!
Eating yogurt with a spoon.
More yogurt on the face!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How we love our little guy.

I kiss Liam probably at least 10000 times a day, if not more.
Male bonding. Note the remote controls. Ironic that we don't have cable television, isn't it?

Liam likes to stand...

In his crib....
With his toys.....
With his daddy and in his new Halloween PJs thanks to Grandma Heather....
And NAKED, of course, before his big boy bath!! Look at those chubby legs!! Liam now weighs 21 lbs and 6 oz at 7 and a half months old!

Just some cute pictures..

Liam in the clean laundry. So much work for one mommy!
Liam in his styling new organic cotton hat.
My favorite picture of Liam and Daddy. And the first time Liam has ever fallen asleep with either one of us like this.
Grandpa Christie feeding Liam a bottle. Awe. Too cute!

Liam in his big boy PJs. They are covered in helicopters and are two piece without feet!

On the potty.

There has been poop. There has been pee. There have been amusing toots. And there has been a whole lot of cute.