Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

All three together with Santa. Liam was so excited to see Santa that I had to hold him back when the children in front of us got to sit on his lap. Then as soon as it was our turn, he went bashful! The best we could do was to get him to "stand" in front of Santa as he held the twins. Of course Liam thought this was a good oppertunity to run towards the camera. He looks so determined!!

Here are the twins alone with Santa. Adria was actually sleeping and this was a rare shot where Cohen had his hands out of his mouth! And what a great Santa he was, too!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Teschkes

Merry Christmas from all of us....Liam (cheeky monkey in his high chair),

Adria (blue eyed baby girl in her Jolly Jumper),

Cohen (the little man in his knitted cap)

and of course, Ian and I. This Christmas will be a bit different for us. Ian will be in Africa for work and I will be home with 3 children on my own. For those reasons, we are bumping Christmas back a few weeks so that we can all celebrate together, with my parents and Ian's parents too! So wish us Merry Chirstmas on January 3rd!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tummy tubbers

Cohen in the tummy tub
Adria in the tummy tub

A little bit of Liam

Here is Liam at our toddler Halloween party. I dressed him as a male model. The soosoo is actually a male model pout trainer. His little zoo buddy is Rylan dressed up as a giraffe!
Here's the boy ready for some puddle splashing with Dada on a very rainy day!

Happy Halloween! Here are the proud Dadas Ian and Karl taking Kalina, bee, and Liam, bee keeper, out for some trick or treating!

Liam looking proud that he lined up all the magnet pieces himself for the fridge barn. His favorite thing to do is to have kitchen dance parties. He drags everyone into the kitchen, presses the song button (over and over and over) and the hoe-down begins!

And no fall season would be complete without a pile of leaves to jump in. This leave jumping session was completely unprompted. I had to run inside to get the camera!! Liam was having so much fun! And I had to re-rake the leaves.

Just like big bro.

Compare this picture to this one: Adria is very much like Liam!!

Twins' photo shoot

Awe. They even have matching soosoos!
Nakey baby bums!! I love my little frog belly babies. You can really see the difference in colour of their hair in this picture. Cohen is much fairer and very gingery. Adria is more dark like Liam was.

My cute babies! Looks like Cohen is giving Adria an uppercut to the jaw!

That puppy is not my boob Cohen. Nice latch!

Pretty little lady!!

Cute outfits and a little bit of trouble

Here is Cohen in Liam's old outfit. Compare by clicking this link here
And Adria looking oh so cute in here little dress top!

And again in her little embroidered onezee. Love the squished up face look. Suits her.

And Liam in his "It's a boy" onezee our friend Melissa from Colorado made for us. Adria has a matching one saying "It's a girl". Too cute!!

Here's a bit of trouble...Liam tickling Cohen's feet! Hey wait, is that his chainsaw on the bed? What was Liam planning to do here?!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The twins

A video of cuteness (would be cuter if Cohen was in it too)

Family fun x 3

Here is Liam sitting with Daddy and Adria. I can't tell you how many times we say "Liam, gentle" in one day. There have been some rough patches with hitting and crying all around, but we are working on it. Mostly Liam likes to give the babies kisses which is ridiculously cute.

Speaking of are Karen holding Cohen and Mike holding Adria- twins holding twins. Adorable. Now, what are the chances that either of they will also have a set of twins...hmmmm.

More cuteness of Liam with his babies. Can't believe how different each of them looks. The twins will both have blue eyes and Cohen is a blondie for now. Adria has Liam's colours otherwise...and the curls I hope!!

That's me in the background tandem feeding the twins. It saves lots of time and is actually quite enjoyable. Pretty amazing to be able to breastfeed the twins exclusively. I hope we are able to do for a long time (at least 9 months would be nice)!! The only really difficult aspect is our X factor-Liam. He is very interested in what I am doing as you can see by the picture where he is imitating me. I wonder if he remembers that he was once breastfed too?! His curiousity can be tricky at times as he wants to touch the babies and put stuff on them or just get my attention when I am nursing. Since tandem feeding is not hands free dispite the awesome twin breastfeeding pillow (best $90 I ever spent), it's difficult to control Liam's behaviours. At the worst of times he's climbing behind me on the couch and pulling on the twins' legs, the little monkey. When it's good, Liam likes to play with his toys and read books with me in the livingroom (I pen us all up inside the livingroom for safety, so Liam's roaming area is restricted to within my sight). So far, so good.

These are the shadow boxes I made of the twins' hand prints. Our favourite NICU nurse Anna made imprints of the twins' hands at 6 days old. She then made paper molds from the imprints and turned them into beautiful decorative announcement cards. I used the two left over imprints to make these shadowboxes. The photo doesn't do them justice. What a wonderful keepsake!!! I love how Cohen's hand is long and skinny and all business straight up and down like a stop sign, but Adria's is sweet and tiny and spread out in a joyfull starfish. I love my babies!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More twin pictures

Here is Adria just days old in the NICU. So tiny and light in your hands!

This is Cohen in the car leaving the hospital for the first time 12 days old.

In the bassinet. Our little baby burritos!

Here is Ian holding both of the twins. Cohen is screaming...he's got DECIBELS! The boy can scream like no other.

And here is me in the NICU family room holding both twins at the same time for the second time in my life. It was a big moment.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Liam's a big brother...twice over!

If I hadn't mentioned it before on this blog...Ian and I are now the proud parents of Liam and a set of boy/girl twins: Cohen and Adria. Here I am at 35 weeks and 2 days on August 28th, 2008. I waddled my way into the OR shortly after this picture and the babies entered the world weighing 5 lbs 2 oz and 5 lbs 7 oz respectively. That's 10 lbs 9 oz of baby in there!! I was enormous and quite uncomfortable!

Here they are. Adria and Cohen. Both have blue eyes, but Cohen is a blondie unlike Adria who takes after Liam with her dark hair and LONG eyelashes! They look so different!

The babies had to spend 12 days in the NICU since they were premature. They were never sick or unhealthy, but they just had to get a bit bigger and show the doctors that they can eat and gain lots of weight...and they have!! This is the first picture of the whole Teschke clan as we left the NICU for good.

Here is Liam at home with his new brother and sister. What a size difference!!

And a tolken picture to the previous star of this blog chilling with Grandpa. What a good big brother you are, Liam. And now you get to share your blog! Looking forward to many fun times together!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The strawberry discovery

This spring we planted strawberry plants in our backyard patio garden. And as Liam is about to discover in this photo...the strawberries are coming!!

Ummm!! Yummy red strawberry!!

Here is Liam picking the strawberry. And yes, that is a soo soo in his mouth. He still loves it.

But not as much as strawberries. And dirt.

Here he is point to the strawberry plant, demanding more strawberries. Sorry Liam, you have to wait for the next batch (which evidently was today. Yum.)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ahh, the curls.

Liam has been blessed with the cutest curls. He gets it from my side of the family as with the red hair. I had to get some pictures before we have a successful haircut this summer. Poor little guys sweats more and more curls as the hot days drag on!!

I love the central swooping curl.
And here he is enjoying some water from his sippy. What a cute little face! I just can't stop kissing it sometimes!!

Liam is going cloth.

With three babies in diapers, we did the math and were shocked to find that we would probably be spending over $5000 more on disposable diapers until all three babies were pretty much toilet trained. Wow.

So we have decided to go cloth.

Here is a link to another cool contest where you can win BumGenius 3.0 diapers!!

The days of Baby Wearing are soon approaching again!

Remember this...


And this?

We loved to baby wear Liam... not that I can do it right now with twins in utero, but I did it ALL the time before becoming pregnant again. I can't wait to wear the new babies!!

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