Monday, April 2, 2007

Welcome home, Liam!

Here is Liam in his car seat for the very first time as we drove home from the hospital. He is wearing his adorable bunny ear toque from Misha. I love his little face and his little hands. He looks so warm and cozy surrounded in the lamb skin bunting. My little darling!! Too bad it was only a 1 minute car ride!

Here are Mommy and Daddy with new baby Liam for the first time in their home. Hmm. I wonder if Liam will have to wear glasses, too?!
It was really great to get home. Grandma Christie was staying with us for a week and was a great help to us. It was strange easing back into things as our lives had been changed for ever. I wasn't really sure what to do at first, but things just started falling into place. First the baby woke up. Then I fed him. Then we showed him around his new home and he fell asleep again. Ahh, the life of a baby.

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