Monday, April 2, 2007

Breastfeeding Baby

Here I am breastfeeding Liam. Zephyr likes to sneak in behind me on the pillows. One big happy family. We are planning to breastfeeding as long as possible. Everyday I tell myself I am doing good for Liam by sticking with it, but it is tough to do as it is very demanding of time, attention and your body. I have learned from breastfeeding that the pregnancy connection doesn't stop after 9 months. I am still at the whim of this tiny being. At least now I can express milk and have someone else feed him a bottle!! My main motivation to keep breastfeeding beyond costing less, less mess and health benefits, is that Liam is one gassy baby!! I fear for his digestive system if he were to go on formula and I fear the diaper output we would see and smell in that event!! So breastmilk it is until his little belly can take it!

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