Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pictures taken by Isaac when we were still in the hospital

Well, we can start off with Momma holding Liam with Tiffany looking on and then we can play "pass the baby". I was so swollen in all these pictures and I still had a belly for sure!! But it was all worth it!

Here are the happy parents gazing lovingly at their brand spanking new baby boy! We couldn't keep our eyes off of him!! He is so tiny...it is almost hard to remember him being so small!

This is a great picture of Steve holding Liam like a pro. Liam's little toque looks so silly!!

I love this picture of Tiffany holding Liam with Steve beside her. Liam looks great on you, Tiffany!! Like natural!!

And finally, a picture of Isaac with Liam in his arms. Look how happy he is! I love going over to Isaac and Paula's...I practically have to fight just to get to hold my own baby!! Can't wait for the day when they get to have their own...imagine how much bigger Isaac's smile will be!!

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