Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cute outfits 4

Not the best picture for this cute outfit, but Liam is actually wearing a little baby golf shirt over a long sleeved undershirt. It is so cute! I can't wait for a warmer day when he can wear it with just short sleeves!! So handsome!

Here is my new favorite outfit. It was the first one I bought from Gymboree when I was 39 weeks pregnant. It is the turtle outfit. It also has a yellow hoodie sweatshirt that goes along with it. Too cute!! The pants are actually 3-6 months so they are a bit big in the waist, but seeing as how Liam is not standing up, they stay on just fine!!

Here is a close up of Liam in his Turtle Crossing snappy shirt. What a cute face! He must be so excited to be dressed in turtles!! Could you imagine if it was pandas!!?

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Oleny said...

I love the one from the carpet. It looks like Liam is just emerging from a journey through THE TIME TUNNEL!