Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Learning to grip reality

Here is Liam in his bouncy chair learning to grasp on to his toys. This is his favorite toy given to him by Auntie Karen. It is a black and white zebra that will come in handy when he starts teething! Caught in the act!

Look at that little hand grasping. What a grip!!

Here Liam is preparing to pull the zebra towards him. Just showing off his toys!


Baby Cyan said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs Liam!

You are joining your buddy to be Cyan!

Super cute pics Lisa and Ian. I'm happy you started this blog.

Ladéna, Neil and Cyan

Michael said...

Hey mama and papa, great to finally meet the little guy over in the wack. I should be over in Vic middle of next week (around the 17th) for a longer visit (and chicken wings). See you and Liam then...