Monday, April 2, 2007

Not such a long recovery

Here I am with Liam in the recovery room an hour after delivery once we had both been cleaned up. He was so tiny and so beautiful and MINE!! Oh my God! I have a baby!! I must have been pretty worked up as every time the nurse brought Liam near me, my heartrate would jump dangerously high and all sorts of alarms would go off! Quite the effect he has on me already! I simply could not contain the joy of holding my son. I am a mommy!!

And here is Daddy holding his son like a pro.

Grandma and Grandpa Christie were early on the scene not long after Liam was born. Liam is the first grandchild for both Ian's and my family. To be spoiled rotten I am sure!

This is Liam's first bit of real clothing. It was so tiny I was sure he wouldn't fit, but as you can see it was a bit too big!! Here he is also sucking on my finger! No milk from there, silly!

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