Friday, April 20, 2007

Cute outfits 6

Oh, yes...more outfits. That's the beauty of having a baby; babies are constantly outgrowing outfits, so there always has to be a new one at some point!!
I always thought that it was funny that Ian had more clothes than me. Now Liam does, too! This outfit was selected by Grandma Teschke when we went shopping during her last visit. It is still a bit too big, but it wont be too long before it fits perfectly at this rate! Even Daddy likes it...Ian actually came home and asked, "Hey, what is Liam wearing?" and wanted to check it out! Although he thought it was black, not navy blue!!

The wording at the top says "Triceritops tracks" and at the bottom shown here, it says "sharp spikes"!!

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