Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeding and sleeping with Daddy.

The other day, Liam woke up from an hour long evening nap when daddy got home from work. I got him up, made a bottle and Ian said he would administer it. Whoo hoo! And too cute. I got to take a shower. Ahhh. Wonderful. When I got out of the shower, I couldn't hear them playing and of course I got worried and called out. Quietly, Ian confirmed they were okay. I didn't clue in, but this is what had happened....

Liam zonked out again right on Ian. It was the sweetest thing. And there was snoring. That is one happy daddy!

When Liam was still in his 10th month...

Daddy tought him how to play video games. The controller shakes when you play. That's fun!

He discovered how he can use the kitchen chairs to walk around the living room pushing them across the laminate floor.

He learned how to climb the stairs. Here he is with his best friend Kalina doing some exciting stair climbing. It was a race and Kalina clearly won. You'd better work on that, Liam!

He learned to rattle his gate. Which is pretty cute. I suspect he is aiming to climb it one of these days.

And finally, while Liam was still in his 10th month...he got even cuter!!

Getting caught up!

I know I have been a slacker lately...but I have good excuses!! So here are some up date pictures of Liam. This first picture is of Liam in his cute outfit that uncle Mike got him for Christmas! And of course he is standing up. His favorite position now!

Something you don't often see is Liam lying down on his back while awake and not crying. Here he is bundled up in his Kushies winter outfit. We dress Liam in this when we take him for hikes in the MEC back pack, ususally around Thetis Lake, my favorite!

Look! Liam has learned to spell with blocks!! Okay, so Daddy really wrote it for him...but I feel confident it is true. See how Ian has to hold Liam back? Liam lays waste to blocks. Especally block towers.

Super power. Liam in the recycling bin. One of his many favorite toys. Especially when I push him around in it! Video to come!

And finally, the cute face while eating fruit. Liam is big into finger foods and eats everything that Ian and I eat. His favorite is certainly watermelon, though I suspect canned peaches come pretty close.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look who Liam looks like!!

HIS MOMMA!!! This is me when I was about a year and a half old. We totally look alike. How cute!!