Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sleepy heads

Here we are fast asleep in the bed together the afternoon after I ran the TC 10 km road race. We were both so tuckered! Daddy snuck us this cute picture so we would always have this moment!

I am the jumper

Yes, we have jumpage!! Our new friend Melissa and her baby girl Kalina, only 3 weeks younger than Liam, gave us a door-mounting Jolly Jumper!! What fun!! Thank you so much!!

Here is Daddy helping Liam jump in his Jolly Jumper. He doesn't quite have enough neck control to do it on his own yet, but everyday we are working on it!!

His is how cute his bum looks when he is jumping away in the office door way! I look forward, as I am sure Liam does too, to many happy hours bouncing to his heart's content!!

Cute outfits 8

Here I am holding Liam as he his sporting his super cute, unisex turtle sweatshirt. This sweatshirt goes with his "Turtle crossing" outfit seen earlier. Also note the adorable jeans he is wearing for the very first time. These were a gift from Auntie Karen at our baby shower!

Friday, April 27, 2007

How to change gears in a big boy VIH hat

First gear

Transition First to Second gear

Second gear

Grabbing and licking

Liam's new talents include grabbing and licking his toys. Here he is clutching the ear of his rabbit "Doughnut".

And this is a post-licking picture. There is just something about Doughnut's ears that are extremely appealing for licking and grabbing!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Token cute pictures...

Here are some cute pictures for everyone to enjoy! This is Liam trying to eat his Daddy's finger!
And here he is on his change table in his cute new Pooh bear onesie from Auntie Ev getting ready for bed. What a little cutie. I just want to eat him up!!

Speaking of monkeys...

Here is Liam with his Curious George toy he got at his baby shower from Grandma Teschke's good friend Wendy. I call this picture..."Three monkeys"

See how Liam is actually sitting up with a pillow to help!? Everyday we get a little bit better at it and soon we will have neck control!!!

Cute outfits 7

My new I say that every time?! I could hardly wait to put this one on and already it seems to be getting small! He is growing like crazy!! As many of you know, I have a thing for stripes...ususally when it involves socks, but also with baby clothes apparently.

To make this stripey daytime onesie (no feet) even more adorable...we have a monkey. I am sure Liam would perfer a panda. Of course.

What I see...

This is what I see for about 6 hours a day during the many feedings we go through. Yes, that is my boob, so I apologize for the nudity. As you can see, I have a lovely nipple sheild on to protect me and assist with breastfeeding. We probably would be on formula by now if it weren't for these little bits of plastic!! Check out Liam's incredible eyelashes. So long!! I think that they are growing longer still!!

Liam's cute hands

Ahh, more cute hand pictures. Now that Liam is learning to grasp and pull, his little hands are not as often in balled up fists, but open and ready to grab at anything he finds interesting!

Pictures taken by Isaac when we were still in the hospital

Well, we can start off with Momma holding Liam with Tiffany looking on and then we can play "pass the baby". I was so swollen in all these pictures and I still had a belly for sure!! But it was all worth it!

Here are the happy parents gazing lovingly at their brand spanking new baby boy! We couldn't keep our eyes off of him!! He is so is almost hard to remember him being so small!

This is a great picture of Steve holding Liam like a pro. Liam's little toque looks so silly!!

I love this picture of Tiffany holding Liam with Steve beside her. Liam looks great on you, Tiffany!! Like natural!!

And finally, a picture of Isaac with Liam in his arms. Look how happy he is! I love going over to Isaac and Paula's...I practically have to fight just to get to hold my own baby!! Can't wait for the day when they get to have their own...imagine how much bigger Isaac's smile will be!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Daddy's helicopter

This weekend I took Liam to visit Ian at work. He did a tour of the hanger and got to "fly" this helicopter!! Here is Daddy standing by while Liam mans the pilot seat.

Here is a close up...Shouldn't you have your eyes open when flying a helicopter, Liam?!

Hmmmm...I think his arms might not be long enough to reach the controls!! You've got some growing to do!!

Liam's first fort!

We decided to have a play outside yesterday in the sun. I built Liam this little fort-like tent to protect him from the sun!

He loved it! There was sun, a nice breeze and the sounds of our neighbours working in their yards.

There was even the smell of fresh cut grass!! Spring is a great time to be a baby in Victoria!

Bumbo...well, almost!

Here is Liam's little friend Nathan back in Calgary. He is sitting in a Bumbo chair. These chairs are designed to keep baby sitting just with gravity and to help them stay up right. A key requirement for sitting in a Bumbo correctly involves having full neck control as demonstrated by Nathan.

Here is Liam trying to sit in his new Bumbo...but he doesn't have neck control yet so I had to assist him with that!

Look at those chubby little legs!! I love his little feet!

Playing in his sleep

Here is Liam playing in his bouncy chair while he is sleeping! He just didn't want to let go of that Link-a-doo!! (Note the presence of Soo-soo!)

Here he is beginning to slowly release...

And then only one little pinky left!!

This is a shot of him on another day when he managed to get his hand all the way through the Link-a-doo!!

Liam loves his Soo-soo

I thought I would include a little tribute to Liam's pacifier: Soo-soo. Here are some cute shots of him loving his Soo-soo. Usually, it puts him to sleep, but sometimes we get wakeful sucking as seen here in the polar bear suit.

I love this black and white picutre with the long lashes and chubby cheeks!

Pair that with the little balled up fist and I am in heaven!! Liam also makes whining Soo-soo noises like he is crying with his mouth full...literally! Too cute! I love that sound and especially the sound of him sucking contentedly away at his Soo-soo. Music to my ears!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cute outfits 6

Oh, yes...more outfits. That's the beauty of having a baby; babies are constantly outgrowing outfits, so there always has to be a new one at some point!!
I always thought that it was funny that Ian had more clothes than me. Now Liam does, too! This outfit was selected by Grandma Teschke when we went shopping during her last visit. It is still a bit too big, but it wont be too long before it fits perfectly at this rate! Even Daddy likes it...Ian actually came home and asked, "Hey, what is Liam wearing?" and wanted to check it out! Although he thought it was black, not navy blue!!

The wording at the top says "Triceritops tracks" and at the bottom shown here, it says "sharp spikes"!!

Tummy Tub Live!

Here is another montage with Liam in his tummy tub. This one has video clips in it!!

View this montage created at One True Media
Tummy Tub!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well, Liam is now officially sleeping in his big boy crib in his own room. No more bassinet beside Mommy and Daddy's bed! I have to admit that I cried the first two nights. I miss him when he is not with me. It was the first time since he was conceived that we spent the (majority of the) night apart!! My little man is growing up already and I have empty nest issues!! This picture represents most of what I now see when I sneak into Liam's room to peek in on him while he is sleeping. I just can't get enough of him!!

Cutest polar bear in the world!

Liam is the cutest polar bear in the world!!
Oh, yes...Liam can get cuter as seen here in his polar bear suit from Old Navy. When he wears this it is like holding a living stuffed Gund toy. So soft and warm!! And can you say, "Freaking adorable"??

Monday, April 16, 2007

Real tears

Here is Liam crying with his cute real tears. What a sweety!!

Bathtime with Daddy!

Lucky Liam also got to have big boy bathtime with Daddy!! Pretty much the cutest thing ever! There was more swimming and some Daddy sometimes, too! Still no detectable "brown clouds". Lucky Daddy!
I love this picture of Liam in his Daddy's hands. He is looking right at Ian, too! The wedding band makes it really sweet I think! If that isn't love, I don't know what is!!

Mommy love!

Here we are!! Liam is now learning how to coo and make talky noises...and his efforts are always accompanied by his tongue sticking out!! Too cute!