Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tummy tubbers

Cohen in the tummy tub
Adria in the tummy tub

A little bit of Liam

Here is Liam at our toddler Halloween party. I dressed him as a male model. The soosoo is actually a male model pout trainer. His little zoo buddy is Rylan dressed up as a giraffe!
Here's the boy ready for some puddle splashing with Dada on a very rainy day!

Happy Halloween! Here are the proud Dadas Ian and Karl taking Kalina, bee, and Liam, bee keeper, out for some trick or treating!

Liam looking proud that he lined up all the magnet pieces himself for the fridge barn. His favorite thing to do is to have kitchen dance parties. He drags everyone into the kitchen, presses the song button (over and over and over) and the hoe-down begins!

And no fall season would be complete without a pile of leaves to jump in. This leave jumping session was completely unprompted. I had to run inside to get the camera!! Liam was having so much fun! And I had to re-rake the leaves.

Just like big bro.

Compare this picture to this one: Adria is very much like Liam!!

Twins' photo shoot

Awe. They even have matching soosoos!
Nakey baby bums!! I love my little frog belly babies. You can really see the difference in colour of their hair in this picture. Cohen is much fairer and very gingery. Adria is more dark like Liam was.

My cute babies! Looks like Cohen is giving Adria an uppercut to the jaw!

That puppy is not my boob Cohen. Nice latch!

Pretty little lady!!

Cute outfits and a little bit of trouble

Here is Cohen in Liam's old outfit. Compare by clicking this link here
And Adria looking oh so cute in here little dress top!

And again in her little embroidered onezee. Love the squished up face look. Suits her.

And Liam in his "It's a boy" onezee our friend Melissa from Colorado made for us. Adria has a matching one saying "It's a girl". Too cute!!

Here's a bit of trouble...Liam tickling Cohen's feet! Hey wait, is that his chainsaw on the bed? What was Liam planning to do here?!!!