Sunday, November 9, 2008

A little bit of Liam

Here is Liam at our toddler Halloween party. I dressed him as a male model. The soosoo is actually a male model pout trainer. His little zoo buddy is Rylan dressed up as a giraffe!
Here's the boy ready for some puddle splashing with Dada on a very rainy day!

Happy Halloween! Here are the proud Dadas Ian and Karl taking Kalina, bee, and Liam, bee keeper, out for some trick or treating!

Liam looking proud that he lined up all the magnet pieces himself for the fridge barn. His favorite thing to do is to have kitchen dance parties. He drags everyone into the kitchen, presses the song button (over and over and over) and the hoe-down begins!

And no fall season would be complete without a pile of leaves to jump in. This leave jumping session was completely unprompted. I had to run inside to get the camera!! Liam was having so much fun! And I had to re-rake the leaves.


~brianna~ said...

Brennan does the same thing with the same animal-magnets :) :) :) DANCE PARTY!!!

screamish said...

He's a big cutie that Liam! How's twindom going? here its great, intersperesed with hell. Colic and reflux, refusing to on 4 hours sleep a night, then you go into their room and they look up at you and smile...too beautiful, !!!

the tummy tub shots are TOO cute...