Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Christmas pictures from Chilliwack

Here is Liam attacking his Grandma Teschke. He really likes her!!
What a cute baby in his reindeer antlers!! Most of his time was spent pulling these off everytime we put them on...which was quite often!! Babies are for our amusement, right?!
Here is the little guy about to dive into his stocking. See previous pictures for the outcome!
Look at all those presents. Liam sure was spoiled this year!!
Here is Liam with his Grandpa Teschke. I used to think there was just a Christie family resemblence, but this picture has me thinking twice!!

Christmas has landed

Here is Liam at his Grandma Teschke's home in Chilliwack where we spent our Christmas vacation...a full 4 days!! Grandma Teschke is a bit more festive than me and had cute decorations for Liam to wear. The santa hat didn't ever stay on Liam's head for long. Maybe next year. He did like how fuzzy it was though...and the giant pompom on the end!
Christmas morning. Liam decided to wake up a full hour earlier than usual. Fun. As you can tell by the eye rubbing in this was early for him too! I guess he just wanted to see if Santa had been!
Ah, opening the stocking...a time honoured tradition. Good thing it included chocolate!! Note the bike in the background was not a new Christmas present. It was just jazzed up with Liam's new catapiller toy!
This is what happens when you give a baby chocolate. Thank goodness that's not poop.
In the aftermath of Christmas, here are Liam and I by the Christmas tree. We look either like pirates or jailbirds with our stripes. RRR.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Here is Liam wearing a bow. What could be a better gift at the holidays than the love of your child? Liam has learned how to hug and kiss mommy and I adore it!! He has also learned how to grip and pinch painfully as well as honing his glasses-removal skills. Fantastic!
Liam would like to know who this Santa guy is that everyone keeps talking about. Oh, you'll see, Liam. You'll see!!
Ah, now he is frightened!! Or else he thinks Santa is going to pass him by this year. Shouldn't have done all that pinching, Liam, you naughty boy!! Or eaten that big lump of mud from the stroller wheel, or stollen toys from you friends only to not share them back, or eaten mommy's toy patterns!!!
Speaking of funny Liam faces, here is a classic!! Ah, gotta love Sunday mornings!!

Liam and Ian

Here come my boys!! This is Liam decked out in his warm gear. The toque is bamboo and the hoodie is dinosaur camo. Too cute!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Liam eats an Oreo

Looks like tribal war paint.
I am not a big stickler on keeping Liam away from sugar. My parents did with me...and I turned out to be a sugar-hog anyways....mmmmmm, candy. I am trying to restrict the amount and the frequency of such treats, but still allowing him to try stuff out. Things with artifical colouring on the other hand are a completely different story. Those I am certainly trying to stay away from. All in all, I think it is most important to teach Liam how to achieve a balanced diet of a variety of healthy foods and to ENJOY himself. Food is not guilt, nor is it a reward or bandaid. Momma's love should not be equivelent to a tastey treat.

Friday, November 9, 2007

November trip to Chilliwack

Here is Liam playing on the cool scooter bike Grandma Teschke bought. So much fun!!
This is Liam having a taste of delicious leaf. Very tastey.
Grandma Teschke and Liam at cousin Allison's wedding.
Liam dancing pantless to "Celebration" at Allison's reception. He was pantless due to the "Rum Incident" where he pulled an entire rum and ginger into his lap and my own. Nice. He was so well behaved at the wedding. Couldn't ask for a better baby!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween baby party!!

Liam and Cyan
A baby minefield!!
12 little cuties!! Mateo the pig, Jesse the monster, Noah the bunny, Erika the mermaid, Rylan the dalmation, Cadence the pumpkin, Eli the Pea in the Pod, Andre the monster, Avry the chicken, Liam the tiger, Cyan the lion and Olivia, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.
Liam as a tiger!
Babes in costume! Ashlyn in pumpkin booties, Jesse, Noah, Mateo, Eli, Erika, Liam, Cyan and Olivia standing up.

babies at the pumpkin patch

Liam with Jesse, Olivia and Zack.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The joys of eating.

Eating strawberries from the mesh feeder.
Strawberry face!
Rice puffs up the nose!!
Eating yogurt with a spoon.
More yogurt on the face!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How we love our little guy.

I kiss Liam probably at least 10000 times a day, if not more.
Male bonding. Note the remote controls. Ironic that we don't have cable television, isn't it?

Liam likes to stand...

In his crib....
With his toys.....
With his daddy and in his new Halloween PJs thanks to Grandma Heather....
And NAKED, of course, before his big boy bath!! Look at those chubby legs!! Liam now weighs 21 lbs and 6 oz at 7 and a half months old!

Just some cute pictures..

Liam in the clean laundry. So much work for one mommy!
Liam in his styling new organic cotton hat.
My favorite picture of Liam and Daddy. And the first time Liam has ever fallen asleep with either one of us like this.
Grandpa Christie feeding Liam a bottle. Awe. Too cute!

Liam in his big boy PJs. They are covered in helicopters and are two piece without feet!

On the potty.

There has been poop. There has been pee. There have been amusing toots. And there has been a whole lot of cute.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Here is our happy little home...

Here is Liam in the hub of our house: the kitchen. Think of our home as rooms raditating out from the kitchen. It's great for parties! Very open and a good use of space.
This is the hall. If you can call it that. This is where we have the main bathroom, the laundry/backdoor, Liam's nursery and the master bedroom.
Here is Liam sitting on our of his favorite places to play, especially on Sunday mornings!
Here he is sitting in my reading chair by the bay windows. There is not a very good closet in our master bedroom, so we bought an armoire on the left.
Ah, the nursery! A little crowded with the two extra toy chests that we just got from my mom and dad (full of all my old toys!), but we still have all the space we need!
Just to show a little bit more of the wall decorations. We did a zoo theme!
"What's this crazy place?" Not a room Liam frequents too often...the laundry room. We also have the deep freeze and hot water tank in this room that has a big window and a back door. This room needs some serious work!!
Here is Liam on his potty in our main bathroom. If there were one thing I would really love, it would be an ensuite in the master bedroom, but for now we share the one. This room ALSO needs some serious work!
The livingroom as seen from standing in the kitchen. All new furniture...well...second hand from my parents. THANK YOU!!! We love it so much in here now! Liam has his little play space with all his toys stored nice and neat (we'll see how long that lasts!). Thats a gas fireplace which provides us with most of our heat during the winter.

This is from standing at the end of the livingroom. The kitchen is on the left. All this furniture and the TV are also from my parents.
Back in the kitchen looking from the entrance to the livingroom. We really need to replace the linolium. Sigh. A girl can dream.
Here is our office where I waste time on Babyfit and Liam's blog. We love our desk. It is made in BC and is really great quality. Solid! On the right are the stairs to the "finished" attic room.
Here is my craft and storage center under the stairs. The purple cloth is usually pulled down to cover it up.
This is the other side of the office with our bookshelf and Liam's hiking back pack.

Here is Liam in the front part of the "finished" attic room. I can stand in the middle, but not many other people can! We use it mainly for storage, but we also have a spare bedroom set up in the back...
here! Liam is checking out the bed and wondering when we are going to make the upstairs into his playroom and big boy room. One day, Liam. One day.
Here we are in the front enterance looking out from the kitchen. Its a lot bigger without the stroller!!
And here is Liam in the half bathroom and pantry storage. Nice.

Ah! The patio!! Our labour of love this summer. Each stone was hand laid by my husband as Liam and I watched!! Liam is sitting by the kid sized picnic table we got for him.

Lounging in the big chairs!!
This is along the side of our house just outside the front entrance and porch.
Big front yard!!

And here it is...our house from the outside. I love it!!