Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas has landed

Here is Liam at his Grandma Teschke's home in Chilliwack where we spent our Christmas vacation...a full 4 days!! Grandma Teschke is a bit more festive than me and had cute decorations for Liam to wear. The santa hat didn't ever stay on Liam's head for long. Maybe next year. He did like how fuzzy it was though...and the giant pompom on the end!
Christmas morning. Liam decided to wake up a full hour earlier than usual. Fun. As you can tell by the eye rubbing in this was early for him too! I guess he just wanted to see if Santa had been!
Ah, opening the stocking...a time honoured tradition. Good thing it included chocolate!! Note the bike in the background was not a new Christmas present. It was just jazzed up with Liam's new catapiller toy!
This is what happens when you give a baby chocolate. Thank goodness that's not poop.
In the aftermath of Christmas, here are Liam and I by the Christmas tree. We look either like pirates or jailbirds with our stripes. RRR.


Ashley Hester said...

aww he's so cute and getting big! Happy New Year Liam!

dynamitt said...

the stripy outfits look so cute :)
Happy new year to you too.

Irishembi said...

Love the outfits! Was that a monkey I spied on his bum? Too cute! Where did you get it? Hopefully Liam sticks to chocolate and never discovers diaper art. SHUDDER! Oh the awful memories!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

YUM chocolate!!!

Looks like Santa was busy at your house Liam.