Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Here is Liam wearing a bow. What could be a better gift at the holidays than the love of your child? Liam has learned how to hug and kiss mommy and I adore it!! He has also learned how to grip and pinch painfully as well as honing his glasses-removal skills. Fantastic!
Liam would like to know who this Santa guy is that everyone keeps talking about. Oh, you'll see, Liam. You'll see!!
Ah, now he is frightened!! Or else he thinks Santa is going to pass him by this year. Shouldn't have done all that pinching, Liam, you naughty boy!! Or eaten that big lump of mud from the stroller wheel, or stollen toys from you friends only to not share them back, or eaten mommy's toy patterns!!!
Speaking of funny Liam faces, here is a classic!! Ah, gotta love Sunday mornings!!


heather said...

Liam, that is a funny face! one i have not seen yet. i will remember to take my glasses off when you are here.

Ashley Hester said...

he gets cuter and cuter everyday! Keep up the blog, I miss all the updates! I know you're busy though with your new business.