Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If home were a nudist colony...

....this would be daily life for Liam. It was quite warm out, so I decided to let Liam go free. I put him on a plasticized pad, but totally underestimated how far his pee stream could really go. Needless to say, I was mopping up urine off the floor!! I think he liked it! (And yes, I intentionally drapped Ickaboo's antlers to tastefully cover Liam's bits!) What a big baby!!

Liam's cute new overalls from Gap

Liam is now in his new 6-12 month clothes. Liam loves to spend time playing with Daddy on weekends and after work before bedtime. Look at my handsome men!! I still think Liam looks like me though!
Attack of the flying baby. This is how Ian thinks one should pick up a baby who is wearing cute overalls. Liam didn't seem to mind!

Ah, yes. Another close up of my cute baby! He is wrestling with his cariboo, Ickaboo pictured underneath him!

Look at me...I can stand like a big boy!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby in a wheelbarrow

Kitty time

Here is Zephyr sitting beside Liam on his play mat. Although she is still wary of his waving arms, Zephyr has begun allowing Liam to pet her and play with her. She likes to sniff him and occationally licks his face. He is completely enthrawled by her, although not so much in this picture!

Fun times with friends

Karl and Melissa came over with their baby girl, Kalina for a BBQ the other day. We had such a good time and the babies are such good friends already! Liam absolutely adores Melissa! Here he is putting his hand in her mouth. He only does that for people he REALLY likes!!

This is a cool picture of everybody looking a Kalina's big blue eyes. What a gorgeous baby!! Thanks for coming over guys!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tummy time friends

If Liam could talk, he'd be saying (in an Australian accent for some reason), "Come on, chin up, Girl" ! Liam and Cyan are so cute!! This picture was taken at Government House during the July Mama Mingle by Wee Welcome! Lots of fun!!

Cute close-ups of Liam

Liam is cute. Especially in a close up with food on his face.

This is what happens when Ian feeds him.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Somebody get a fly swatter!

Here is one of my new favorite outfits for Liam. It is a 6-12 month outfit, so hopefully it will last a long time! I love the colour and the huge bug climbing up the side!

If you could see his eyes, the blue outfit really brings out the blue in Liam's eyes. I try to describe the colour of his eyes, but generally I call it a bluey-greeny-greyish-brown. That's helpful, eh? Dark. They are dark. Darkish, at least!

Liam tries some rice cereal.

"Look, Mom! I ate the whole bowl full!"

Although Liam is only 5 months old, we decided to go ahead with introducing the solid foods since he had done so well with the pears, nectarines and apples that we had tried first. Today we served rice cereal in breastmilk. Yummy! Liam ate it all up! I think the mild, sweet flavour suited his palette better than the fruit, which I believe he found a bit tart in comparison to breastmilk! It seems as though Liam really enjoys sitting in his high chair and being a part of a family dinner! He's growing up so fast!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sitting and...

Liam at 5 months

Here is Liam at 5 months old! Wholly cats the time is flying!! What is Liam up to now that he is 5 months old? Well...as you can see, Liam is almost mastered the art of sitting, not quite yet though (see next post of the outcome of this sitting session). He has started trying solid foods, well, tasting at least, which has already lead to a change in his digestive system. Yes, we have gas, yes , it is stinky now, yes, the poos are thicker and apparently a little less "eager" to come out. This apparently is just the beginning. There is a diaper genie in our future!! Liam looks at himself in the mirror and laughs. He loves riding in his Baby Bjorn carrier facing out to see the world. Just today, Liam rolled over from back to front and has gone front to back many times in the past. Our favorite toy is the crinkly pooh book, anything that goes in the mouth and especialy his turtle and elephant stuffies. Liam really engages with people now. He reaches out to touch faces and loves to pull of glasses and pull hair. He is facinated with everything he comes across and want to touch and inspect everything he finds. Everything goes in his mouth. They weren't kidding! Liam has outgrown so much of his clothing. We are really into our 6 month stuff now!! It is sad, but exciting at the same time. I love discovering the little boy he is becoming in small steps. It's hard to believe that soon one day I will turn around and there he will be...crawling, walking, talking, running, falling, singing, dancing, horsing around with Daddy...I can't wait to meet him!! Boy, do I love him!!!

No more pandas, please!

"I'm so sick of these F-ing pandas"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Liam's first taste of pears

Thank you, Domo!

Here is Liam being mauled by tiny little Domo who is only 10 weeks old in this picture! Domo is my good friend Leanne's new baby. What a fantastic dog! He is like a little hyper active puff. We love him!! The look on Liam's face is pure joy!

So this is Uncle Joe.

And first they meet...
This is Liam and my brother, Joseph, meeting for the very first time. The last time I saw my brother I was 10 weeks pregnant before he went off to Guatemala. Liam has grown a lot since then!! What's that crazy red stuff all over Uncle Joe's face, Liam?? Don't you worry...you'll be shaving before you know it (sigh. growing up already)!

Here is Liam with the turtle Uncle Joe brought him from Costa Rica. He loves "turtie"

Heres a nice family picture. Too bad Liam was fussy! I wonder if Liam will get the red hair, too?

Sucking on veggies

Ian let Liam suck on a piece of celery the other day. I think he liked the coolness and hard texture, but the look on his face indicated that the taste wasn't too fabulous. One day he will appreciate crunchy celery, especially when accompanied by peanutbutter and rasins for his "ants on a log" treats!! Yum, yum!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little friends

Here is Liam and his friend Cyan having a BBQ. How cute are they reaching for each other?!! We had a great time with Neil and Ladena. Thanks for coming over!!

Trying pears

We got a high chair for Liam and have been practicing eating just with breastmilk and water. Since Liam seemed to be doing well, we decided to try some solid food, just for kicks.

The pears didn't really go over that well in taste. Liam just let them touch his tounge, but didn't really "eat" them. We still have a month to go until the suggest time of 6 months for introducing solids. I hope we can build up from these preliminary experiences!! Next food: rice cereal!

Is this for showering?

Liam: I think I'd like to stand for my bath now, Momma. And maybe I'll pee standing up, too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brush your teeth!

Here is Liam with his new toothbrush. He is learning how to brush twice a day, even though he doesn't have teeth yet!! Look mom! No cavities!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Down the slide with Daddy

At the park with Daddy

We visited the little park down the street and Ian had lots of fun playing with Liam!

Heading for the SLIDE!!!

Picking Momma's nose...what a good son!

Here is Liam with his finger up my nose. Ouch! He thought it was funny, so did Ian. All I could do was laugh!! Don't worry, his finger came out clean!

Liam's nest

Ian was watching Liam the other day while I took a shower, and when I came out, Liam was in a nest. To improve his independent sitting skills, Ian informed me.

How cute is that?! Liam loved being all wrapped up in Momma and Daddy's comforter; smelt just like them!! Like being hugged by the both of them at the same time!

More bumbo time...

I just can't get enough of Liam sitting in his bumbo. He actually sat through a WHOLE meal for Ian and me!! Look at his big round tummy!! Let's hope this picture isn't foreshadowing of Liam in a Lazy-boy with a big beer gut when he is 40!! And if it is, let's at least hope he's off the Soo-soo by then!!

Hot weather = naked babies!

We have been having some summer weather out here on the island. Hot! Well, to me anyways! Here is Liam stripped down to his diapies playing on his mat. I love his little face!!

Look at those chubby arms!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

What's this about teething?

Well, he may or may not be, but we have aquired our teething arsenal! Here is Liam with his favorite chilled teething toy. The bubbles of sterile water are chilled in the fridge and feel fantastic in his mouth along his gums. They sure help with the hot weather we have been having as well!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Look at me! I'm standing!!

Here is Liam standing on his own with the aid of the couch! He didn't pull himself up, I put him there, but he was definately standing on his own. Though not for long, as soon as this picture was snapped...down he went (same old story, hey Pamela!?). Boy were there tears and screaming to be had!! What a bad mommy! It was really cute, though and Liam quickly cheered back up. Momma's big man!!! Talk about pint sized cuteness!

A visit with friends

Here is Liam meeting Hannah, Mike's girlfriend from Japan, for the first time since being in utero! He really liked Hannah, especially the part about her necklace!

Helping Momma water the grass!

Yummy. This hose tastes great!! Ian and I have started a new home project: backyard patio! We ripped down the dilapidated, rotting porch and are now in the process of tearing out the grass and leveling the area for a flagstone patio! Already it has been a lot of work, but it will be well worth it. The yard looks so much better already! Liam is all about doing as much hands-on help as possible! Here he is with me softening up the sod for Momma and Daddy to rip out!

Happy Canada Day!!

Here is Liam celebrating Canada Day at Melissa and Karl's BBQ. Note the Canada tshirt, Canada flag and his Cariboo we have named "ickaboo". Very Canadian, Liam!!