Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So this is Uncle Joe.

And first they meet...
This is Liam and my brother, Joseph, meeting for the very first time. The last time I saw my brother I was 10 weeks pregnant before he went off to Guatemala. Liam has grown a lot since then!! What's that crazy red stuff all over Uncle Joe's face, Liam?? Don't you worry...you'll be shaving before you know it (sigh. growing up already)!

Here is Liam with the turtle Uncle Joe brought him from Costa Rica. He loves "turtie"

Heres a nice family picture. Too bad Liam was fussy! I wonder if Liam will get the red hair, too?

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Miles said...

Oh what a sweet family! Liam's such a handsome little man!

Thanks for your comment on Miles' blog. I've just been running on the treadmill because the distance runs sort of come to a grinding halt in Texas (no wonder with this heat), but hopefully I'll get to do some more soon! Now that Miles is big enough for a jog stroller, it would be a blast to run with him! ~Nicole