Friday, July 20, 2007

Liam at 5 months

Here is Liam at 5 months old! Wholly cats the time is flying!! What is Liam up to now that he is 5 months old? you can see, Liam is almost mastered the art of sitting, not quite yet though (see next post of the outcome of this sitting session). He has started trying solid foods, well, tasting at least, which has already lead to a change in his digestive system. Yes, we have gas, yes , it is stinky now, yes, the poos are thicker and apparently a little less "eager" to come out. This apparently is just the beginning. There is a diaper genie in our future!! Liam looks at himself in the mirror and laughs. He loves riding in his Baby Bjorn carrier facing out to see the world. Just today, Liam rolled over from back to front and has gone front to back many times in the past. Our favorite toy is the crinkly pooh book, anything that goes in the mouth and especialy his turtle and elephant stuffies. Liam really engages with people now. He reaches out to touch faces and loves to pull of glasses and pull hair. He is facinated with everything he comes across and want to touch and inspect everything he finds. Everything goes in his mouth. They weren't kidding! Liam has outgrown so much of his clothing. We are really into our 6 month stuff now!! It is sad, but exciting at the same time. I love discovering the little boy he is becoming in small steps. It's hard to believe that soon one day I will turn around and there he will be...crawling, walking, talking, running, falling, singing, dancing, horsing around with Daddy...I can't wait to meet him!! Boy, do I love him!!!

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Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

They are growing so fast. Crinkly books are great! And Liam is absolutely right, everything is meant to be tasted. YUM!