Monday, September 17, 2007

Here is our happy little home...

Here is Liam in the hub of our house: the kitchen. Think of our home as rooms raditating out from the kitchen. It's great for parties! Very open and a good use of space.
This is the hall. If you can call it that. This is where we have the main bathroom, the laundry/backdoor, Liam's nursery and the master bedroom.
Here is Liam sitting on our of his favorite places to play, especially on Sunday mornings!
Here he is sitting in my reading chair by the bay windows. There is not a very good closet in our master bedroom, so we bought an armoire on the left.
Ah, the nursery! A little crowded with the two extra toy chests that we just got from my mom and dad (full of all my old toys!), but we still have all the space we need!
Just to show a little bit more of the wall decorations. We did a zoo theme!
"What's this crazy place?" Not a room Liam frequents too often...the laundry room. We also have the deep freeze and hot water tank in this room that has a big window and a back door. This room needs some serious work!!
Here is Liam on his potty in our main bathroom. If there were one thing I would really love, it would be an ensuite in the master bedroom, but for now we share the one. This room ALSO needs some serious work!
The livingroom as seen from standing in the kitchen. All new furniture...well...second hand from my parents. THANK YOU!!! We love it so much in here now! Liam has his little play space with all his toys stored nice and neat (we'll see how long that lasts!). Thats a gas fireplace which provides us with most of our heat during the winter.

This is from standing at the end of the livingroom. The kitchen is on the left. All this furniture and the TV are also from my parents.
Back in the kitchen looking from the entrance to the livingroom. We really need to replace the linolium. Sigh. A girl can dream.
Here is our office where I waste time on Babyfit and Liam's blog. We love our desk. It is made in BC and is really great quality. Solid! On the right are the stairs to the "finished" attic room.
Here is my craft and storage center under the stairs. The purple cloth is usually pulled down to cover it up.
This is the other side of the office with our bookshelf and Liam's hiking back pack.

Here is Liam in the front part of the "finished" attic room. I can stand in the middle, but not many other people can! We use it mainly for storage, but we also have a spare bedroom set up in the back...
here! Liam is checking out the bed and wondering when we are going to make the upstairs into his playroom and big boy room. One day, Liam. One day.
Here we are in the front enterance looking out from the kitchen. Its a lot bigger without the stroller!!
And here is Liam in the half bathroom and pantry storage. Nice.

Ah! The patio!! Our labour of love this summer. Each stone was hand laid by my husband as Liam and I watched!! Liam is sitting by the kid sized picnic table we got for him.

Lounging in the big chairs!!
This is along the side of our house just outside the front entrance and porch.
Big front yard!!

And here it is...our house from the outside. I love it!!


Kady Mae Bella said...

Liam! Thank you for the tour!! I appreciate it. Kady is giving me a tug now, looks like you'll be getting a tour of our house soon!

heather said...

your living room looks so different with the new furniture! i wondered where the book case went but soon saw it in the computer room! Liam, gramma Heather says you need more toys to fill all the space i see

Miles said...

Liam, your pad's so awesome! Thanks so much for the tour! ~Miles

Ashley Hester said...

Liam, your house is gorgeous!!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Thanks for the tour, Liam. Your house looks like it's filled with lots of love!

dynamitt said...

your house looks great