Monday, April 2, 2007

Liam Reid Teschke in utero

Here is Liam in utero at our 19 week ultrasound. We were unable to determine the gender as the baby was being "modest". It was so amazing to see how much the baby had developed from the last ultrasound we had. Here is a full length image showing both the baby's skull, spine and even little legs and feet! It is the most captivating thing to see that little person up on the screen and to think that there they are, inside of your belly!

Fourty weeks pregnant. I didn't know it at the time, but four days later Liam Reid Teschke would be coming into the world after 34 hours of labor and delivery by c-section. Something I will certainly never forget!

I had been having false labor for well over a week by this point. Ian and I went for lots of long walks around Thetis Lake, Cedar Hill and even Knocken Hill. The Sunday when real labor began, we had walked (slowly) down to Subway to get dinner and Ian said, "This will be the meal that gets your labor started". He was right! 12:40 that evening I was definitely in labor! My water didn't break until about 4:00 pm the next day and then things really got rolling!! Labor was very painful and scary at times, but truely amazing and exciting as well. Fortunately, because of the circumstance of my delivery, I will get to go straight to the c-section and skip labor all together next time! Hooray!! Ian was a superb coach and made the bad times tolerable. And boy did he look cute in his OR scrubs!!

After all was said and done, we could not have been happier with the outcome!

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