Friday, October 17, 2008

Family fun x 3

Here is Liam sitting with Daddy and Adria. I can't tell you how many times we say "Liam, gentle" in one day. There have been some rough patches with hitting and crying all around, but we are working on it. Mostly Liam likes to give the babies kisses which is ridiculously cute.

Speaking of are Karen holding Cohen and Mike holding Adria- twins holding twins. Adorable. Now, what are the chances that either of they will also have a set of twins...hmmmm.

More cuteness of Liam with his babies. Can't believe how different each of them looks. The twins will both have blue eyes and Cohen is a blondie for now. Adria has Liam's colours otherwise...and the curls I hope!!

That's me in the background tandem feeding the twins. It saves lots of time and is actually quite enjoyable. Pretty amazing to be able to breastfeed the twins exclusively. I hope we are able to do for a long time (at least 9 months would be nice)!! The only really difficult aspect is our X factor-Liam. He is very interested in what I am doing as you can see by the picture where he is imitating me. I wonder if he remembers that he was once breastfed too?! His curiousity can be tricky at times as he wants to touch the babies and put stuff on them or just get my attention when I am nursing. Since tandem feeding is not hands free dispite the awesome twin breastfeeding pillow (best $90 I ever spent), it's difficult to control Liam's behaviours. At the worst of times he's climbing behind me on the couch and pulling on the twins' legs, the little monkey. When it's good, Liam likes to play with his toys and read books with me in the livingroom (I pen us all up inside the livingroom for safety, so Liam's roaming area is restricted to within my sight). So far, so good.

These are the shadow boxes I made of the twins' hand prints. Our favourite NICU nurse Anna made imprints of the twins' hands at 6 days old. She then made paper molds from the imprints and turned them into beautiful decorative announcement cards. I used the two left over imprints to make these shadowboxes. The photo doesn't do them justice. What a wonderful keepsake!!! I love how Cohen's hand is long and skinny and all business straight up and down like a stop sign, but Adria's is sweet and tiny and spread out in a joyfull starfish. I love my babies!!

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