Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Grandma Teschke's pictures

Here are the pictures that Heather sent me from her visit with us last week. We had such a blast! And to think the last time Heather got to hold Liam he was only 6 weeks old! BIG change!! Here is Liam inspecting a big yellow sunflower at Mattix Farm where we had french toast at Adrienne's Tea Garden! Yum yum!

Here is Liam bouncing away in this Jolly Jumper!

What a lovely picture of Liam and Grandma Teschke!

More sunflowers!!

This is where the french toast magic happens.

Here is Liam in a shoe store checking himself out in the mirror! What a great friend to play with!! I love the expression on his face! And of course, the Rocawear hat!! And don't forget the overalls!!

What a happy baby boy!

Asleep in this car seat. What a busy visit!! Thanks for coming out, Grandma!!


Ashley Hester said...

what a busy day!! :)

It looks like Mama and baby had a great time!!!

Kady Mae Bella said...

I love that IPOOD onsie!! That is hysterical!