Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Wow! I am really far behind on Liam's blog!! Sorry everyone! Here are some pictures from Easter at our home this year. Liam was very excited to be visited by the Easter Bunny. He brought him Cadbury's Creme Eggs!! YUMMY!!

And MESSY!! Liam liked the chocolate, but wasn't too fond of the sweet inside goop. Maybe next year. We didn't do an Easter egg hunt this year, which was probably for the best as Liam might find them before us, but this was only because we literally could not find the bag of foil eggs. It fully disappeared and Ian and I actually were hunting just to find the eggs to hide!! I was convinced that Ian had hid them intenetionally, but in the end we found them under the cusions of the couch. No idea how they got there...but apparently it wasn't Ian!! Must have been the Easter Bunny!!

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