Saturday, May 2, 2009

Facebook killed my blog

Okay, I can't just blame Facebook. It might have something to do with having three babies to look after and a husband in Africa instead of Canada. But really, I put all my favorite pictures on Facebook first since not everyone reads my blog, and then I simply run out of time to keep up my blogging. No excuse, but it's the truth. It's all I can do to keep up with everyone else's blogs.
So please keep me on your blog roll. I promise to make a better effort. Photos with text. I promise.
Here are some of my favorites since I last posted.

Here is Miss Adria in her Easter dress. I love this dress. I never really thought I would like girly girl stuff, but here's the proof. I love it. Best part was that I picked it up for $15 at Winners-a place I NEVER shop at. I love her little feet in this picture. The girl has serious ghetto booty and the tiniest hands and feet. They aren't really that much bigger than when she was born!

Liam and his daddy's digger. Liam loves the dirt. He loves getting dirty and down in it. He also loves worms and eating dirt. Ah, memories of my youth. I love his bum-up pose in this picture.

Here I am in the backyard with both babies. Adria is in the Ergo and Cohen is in my arms. I normally wear Liam in the Ergo and have the twins in the stroller when we go out, but for around the home it's nice to tuck a twin back there. Notice how enormous the twins are getting. Liam still had 3 or more lbs on them at this age, but hey, he was never a little guy either!

Speaking of little he is with his read wagon. We were doing some weeding in the yard and Liam was loading up on dandelions. Probably to feed ostriches with. It's a zoo thing. I love his sense of determination. He again proves that he loves to get dirty.

And here is my smiley little man Cohen. Love the blue eyes and red hair. I think he is teething, hence all the wet drool on his chin. Cohen is our little scooter. He's much more active than Adria or Liam at this age. He gets up on his knees and lunges forward, though he mostly backs himself around the floor getting caught up on chair and table legs. Too cute!
So there they are. My babies. Bigger and bigger everyday!!


Irishembi said...

Cohen just reminds me of a perfect little Kewpie Doll in that picture! Right up to the little swirl of hair in the center of his head.

Keep the pictures coming, I love 'em!

screamish said...

You're right Adria has got such little feet! so cute!!!!

Glad you're back...was wondering what happened!

How are they eating? mine are eating I suppose 2 tablespoons of purée at lunch...maybe a little yoghurt in the about yours??? I'm curious...never know if I'm feeding them ok, mind you, they're big and healthy enough, yours too!!! Its great to see an update at last!