Monday, February 4, 2008

Play date with friends

Let us out of here!! Here is Liam with Andre, Olivia and Noah having a playdate at our house. Cyan, Miikka and Tavas also came to visit. It was very fun!!

Here the babies formed a baby train all on their own! This is Noah, Cyan, Liam and Miikka.

So much fun playing with friends!!


Irishembi said...

Babies Behind Bars! What did they do that landed them in the pokey at such a tender age? LOL!

Boo said...

Lisa this is the first time I've checked out your blog! Too cute. I was going to go through and make comment on all the lovely photo's you have but I thought best just start right up here at the top. I'm adding you to my friends...I hope you don't mind.

Love your blog, just about to check out the pregnancy one. Congrats on your twins!