Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day at the pool

Liam and I went to the Juan de Fuca rec center with Karl, Melissa and Kalina for a swim in the awesome kiddie pool they have there. It was Kalina's first time in the pool!! She did so well and even drank some of the water! Liam was impressed! Here are Karl, Kalina, Liam and I at the pool. You can see in the background the big fountain they have and the little waterslide. They also have a bigger waterslide and two eddy whirlpools that make you float round and round!

Here are Liam and I. I love this picture!! Liam is so sweet with his little hands clasped together! My chubby little man! Thanks Melissa for sharing these with us!!

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Melissa and Kalina said...

Your Welcome!! We had so much fun at the pool. I think it is going to be a weekly thing!