Sunday, June 3, 2007

A day in the life of Liam

8:30- Mommy wakes up, but Liam is still sleeping. What a good baby!!
9:30- Liam wakes up, happy and giggling! We have a quick diaper change before starting on the first feed of the day.

10:00- Liam played in his crib while Mommy put his clean clothes away and tidied up his room. His toy of choice this morning: his tongue!

10:30- Liam gets changed into his day clothes, but not before Mom makes him try on his new onesies that were decorated at his baby shower last week. This one says, "get the poos out" across his bum!!

10:40- Liam hops into his new exersaucer for some play time! Doesn't last long...

10:50- Liam fussed and moved down to his mat to play with his hanging toys.

11:05- Liam moved into his swing while Mommy put more clothes away.

11:15- Fast asleep!

11:55- Awake for a feed!

12:20- Liam played in his bouncy chair. This is his favorite for grabbing and putting toys into his mouth. Mommy clipped Liam's nails while he played. They grow so fast!

1:10- Back from our first run in our new jogging stroller that we bought through We love it!! Liam hung out in his bouncy chair while Mommy took a shower after her run. Boy was it hot out!!

Liam's offical favorite number is now the number 4.

1:35- Liam's first time in the Jolly Jumper for the day. This is by far Liam's favorite passtime. It is also great hands-free, pancake-head guilt-free time for Mommy to eat her lunch!

2:20- Liam crashes and goes down for another nap in his crib.

3:35- Liam wakes up from his nap. Waking up from a day time nap usually involves tears, unlike in the morning when we get giggles and smiles!

4:00- Liam played around the house on his mat, in the bouncy chair, exersaucer and finally in his stroller. What a busy boy!

4:25- Liam hangs out in his stroller while Mommy does yard work. What a good helper he is!

5:00- Liam is in his Jolly Jumper again. I put up pictures of pandas to keep Liam interested. He loves them!

5:30-Liam goes back in his swing for another nice long nap!!

7:30- Everybody is full of supper. I love my boys!

8:00- In the Jolly Jumper..AGAIN!!!

8:15- Tiffany comes over for a visit.

8:30- Liam has a bath.

9:00- Last feed of the day.

9:30- Liam goes to sleep.

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