Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just a little text

A post with no pictures???!
Hey, I am branching out, okay?!

I haven't really written that much on this blog and I think it is about time that I did! I am very inspired by a new Mommyteam I started on Babyfit called "Blogging Mommies". Some of the sites the moms have been creating are amazing. I hope to add many more dimentions to this blog with the help and ideas I will gather from these other women.

Right now, Liam is asleep for an afternoon nap, which started nearly 2 hours ago! He is really into sleeping right now!! And eating less for some reason. I think is growth is starting to plateau, which is good since he isn't even 4 months old and already weighs nearly 16 lbs!! Yikes!! I was just putting some dishes away when I heard him sneeze. I looked in his room expecting him to be awake now, but nope! Still sleeping! The cute little nugget sneezed in his sleep!!

I think he is sleeping so long right now because he got really tuckered out at his photo shoot this afternoon. I entered Liam into a "Photogenic Baby" contest...NOT AT BEAUTY PAGENT as his father claims. His photo shoot didn't go so well. I don't think he liked the photographer very much and was not pleased when we kept trying to squeeze him into pails, toyboxes and pasta pots!! The problem was that he is too big for the 0-6 month category props!! Oh well! There goes Liam's modeling career! Hopefully the photographer was able to get a couple good shots! Maybe he will still win! He is pretty darn cute!!

Tomorrow we are going to Saturna Island to look at some property that we are thinking of buying. Melissa and Kalina are going to join us. I can't wait! I am really trying to do lots of different things with Liam now. Going swimming, going to BabyTalk, photoshoots, traveling, going to Calgary and hopefully houseboating in August. The more we do, the more fun we will have and the more pictures we will have for our blog!! Just joking!! I really want to be an active parent and do a wide range of activities with Liam. I want him to have the best childhood ever. I love him so much!!!

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