Sunday, June 24, 2007

So much BLOOD!

Yes, folks. That is Liam's blood all over his diaper change table and soaking through his little socks!! You can imagine the fright I got when I looked down at his feet to see blood everywhere! So as it turns out, by my deductive logic, Liam got rug burn on the outsides of both his little baby pinky toes. How? The Jolly Jumper!! We had it set up at my parent's house, but both door ways had hardwood meeting carpet. I took his socks off so that he would have more traction on the wood, but didn't even consider that he could get rug burn!! The reason he was bleeding all over the place in the picture above was because he had just taken a bath and the scabs had fallen off. Poor little guy!! Don't worry. We expect a full recovery!

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Thatcher's Mommy said...

Okay- that is so sad that he got rug burn... yet so comical at the same time. One of those crazy things that HAS to go into his baby book! I love yall's blog!