Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our boys and their boys.

Finally, Nathan and Liam meet!! How cool is it that Ian and Josh, best friends from forever ago, would have sons just weeks apart?! Little mini-mes for the both of them! The boys were fast friends. Here is Liam grabbing on to Nathan's overalls. Promptly after this, Nathan was video taped "fish-hooking" Liam!! Too cute!

What can be cuter than two proud Papas and their boys at the Zoo? We sure do love these guys!! Pamela and I are some lucky ladies. Look at these strapping husbands of ours and our ridiculously good looking baby boys!!!
Here Liam and Nathan are at their very first meeting. How cute are they!! I love how Nathan's got his hand all up in Liam's face! He's all over the place! I can hardly wait for Liam to reach all those milestones, too! Seeing Nathan has made me very excited for what is to come! Such personality!!! We miss everyone already!

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